First Post!

Welcome to my blog! I plan to use this blog for two main purposes. The first is as an academic learning resource, where I will write posts that go through new concepts that I’m interested in learning about. The second is to develop new research ideas, with a view to refining them into primary publications.

Most posts will have something to do with Fisheries Science, the field I’m actively involved in. Fisheries science is an applied discipline drawing on the fields of biology, population ecology, statistics, data science, decision analysis, and risk assessment just to name a few. I specialise in fisheries stock assessment modeling, which is the application of population dynamics for the determination of fish stock status. I am also interested in broadening my understanding of ecological theory and new applied tools for testing hypotheses, and improving my science communication skills through better writing, data visualisation.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to return for future posts with some more theoretical exposition.

Samuel Johnson
PhD Candidate, Resource and Environmental Management
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